Our mission is to introduce you to the wonderful world of coffee.
Our mission is to introduce you to the wonderful world of coffee.
Cascara Peru Rio Tambo
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19 June 2017
Cascara - dried fruit pulp of coffee berries. In fact, this is a by-product of coffee production. But, if the pulp is dried correctly, an unusual refreshing drink will come out of it.

The best cascara is obtained from berries that have undergone a dry treatment. With this treatment, the berries are dried entirely, the gluten-free sugars become pulp, and the drink becomes sweeter than the cascara of the washed treatment.

We are pleased to offer you Cascara of the rarest species of Peru Rio Tambo. This species is characterized by a special richness, sweetness and aroma of the drink.


Cascara preparation method:

How to cook?

Cascara can be brewed with hot or cold water, adding to the ready-made drink cane sugar or fructose, soda with lemon or even rum.

A few recipes for you:


At 10-15 grams of cascara, take 250-400 ml of hot water (depending on which saturation infusion you want to get). Brew the berries, stir and leave under the lid for 15-20 minutes. Mix again, strain and drink.


35 grams of cascara 250 ml of water. Place the blend in a container with a lid and put into the refrigerator for 24 hours. Then strain, add ice. You can also add fructose, a little lemon and gas in the siphon.


At 45 grams of cascara, take 400 ml of hot water. Brew the berries and mix for five minutes. Add 2 tablespoons of cane sugar. Cool and strain. The finished syrup is stored in the refrigerator for about a week. Use this syrup for cocktails.
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