Our mission is to introduce you to the wonderful world of coffee.
Our mission is to introduce you to the wonderful world of coffee.
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Cafe, restaurant, fast food - for everyone there is Mikale.

Why Mikale?

  • Freshness and quality
  • Coffee roasting every day
  •  More than 20 kinds of espresso blends and 30 kinds of mono-sorts
  •  POS-materials
  • Training center for personnel training
  •  Service support of coffee equipment
  • Fast delivery in Russia and the CIS

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Why it is Profitable - to work with Us?

No minimal order restrictions

We Ship any Orders for Your convenience

Special Conditions for a Major Clients

For those who buy over 500 kg monthly we have a Special Conditions

Clear Discounts

There is no need to bargain with Us for the best price, We have made Transparent and Convenient System of Discounts for orders of 10, 25 and 50 kg and provide the best market conditions.


Главное в нашем кофе - качество, но и про дизайн мы не забываем.
Дизайн нашего кофе — победитель одного из самых престижных конкурсов дизайна в мире — Red Dot Award The Main Thing in Our Coffee - is Quality, but We don't forget about design.
Design of our Coffee — the Winner of one of the most prestigious Awards in Design World — Red Dot Award


Our Product Range includes over 80 varieties of freshly roasted Coffee and a wide selection of Related Products for different areas of sales of our Coffee - is the HoReCa and Specialized Shops, selling coffee in bulk, supermarkets etc. We have prepared attractive Offers for each Area of sales

The best Prices in Segment

We have some of the most interesting Prices among all Companies, roasters of specialty Coffee.
Request the Price-list and see Yourself.
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